Aluminium Stearate
Calcium Stearate
Zinc Stearate
Magnesium Stearate
Barium Stearate
Sodium Stearate
Potasium Stearate
Ammonium Stearate

We ensure that all the incoming Raw Materials are checked as per our in-house specifications and only if it passes is it finally taken up for Production.

In-process testing at various stages of production is performed and the Final product is tested in our in-house laboratory and only if it passes the standard, is finally released for shipment.


“We at Harihar Organics Pvt.  Ltd.  are committed to manufacture organic chemicals assuring best product quality complemented by excellence in service to enhance customer satisfaction.

This we ensure by setting objectives and continual improvement in our Quality Management System.”
Quality  Objectives :
Minimum  90%  Customer  Satisfaction.
Maintain  On  time  Delivery
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